Compost Turners

Composting is an important aspect of waste management throughout the world. Compost products have many everyday uses and applications, such as:

  • Top-dressing for yards and golf courses
  • Compost socks consist of mesh tubes filled with compost that will slow and filter water on a construction site capturing soil and reducing erosion
  • Compost can control erosion on disturbed areas such as construction sites, development (and planting) projects and exposed stream banks
  • Organic fertilizer or soil conditioners

Compost turners are vital to efficiently producing large volumes of compost. These units introduce oxygen into the compost pile helping to speed the decomposition process. There are two commonly used compost turners — drum and elevating face. Vermeer compost equipment is designed to process up to 4000 cubic yards/3058 cubic meters of compost per hour depending on the type and size of the turner.

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